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Entering Massoud Jewelers, a fourth generation of master jewelers, you are immediately struck by the deeper meaning of the concept of jewelry making. Located since 1990 in the Rochester Square shopping center at the southeast corner of Wattles and Rochester, this is a family enterprise.

As you gaze at the elegant displays, you'll find that 80 percent of the pieces have been created exclusively by the Massoud family. Each piece has a beauty and elegance all its own. They are constantly exploring new ground and trying new techniques of the craftsmanship of jewelry making. You will marvel at their talent as you survey the unique handmade designs, castings, and settings that they have coupled with the fine diamonds and beautiful colored gems in their creations. You'll also notice that despite the beauty and elegance the prices are fair and affordable.

The international price of gold is on the rise, but the Massoud family is keeping their modest prices always down in appreciation to their old and new customers. If you are a bit short of the cost of the jewelry, they also have an innovative, interest-free layaway program of up to one year. So, join thousands of satisfied customers for ongoing specials.
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