No fancy talk, let's Cut to the chase!


No matter what shape you're looking for, our first priority is to guide you to a brilliant-looking diamond by providing better symmetry, proportions and polish.

Ideal Cut: With an optically efficient crown and pavilion, light reflects from one side of the pavilion to the other and back to the crown; it leaves the stone traveling in a direction where it will be seen when the stone in viewed face-up.

Shallow Cut: With a shallow crown and pavilion, light striking the bezel leaks out the pavilion (faint red line) or leaves the crown in a direction where it will not be seen (bright reflection, upper left).

Deep Cut: If the stone is too deep, light reflects from the pavilion facet but leaks out when it strikes the other side.
Diamond Cuts — Resetting Stones in Troy, MI


(CT) is a unit of mass equal 200 mg; while it indicates the weight of a diamond, its length, and width by (mm) measurements indicate the actual physical size. The size of the diamond will ultimately be your choice based on your desire of how much you'd like to spend or how large you prefer your diamond to be. Here is a sample of sizes:
Diamond Carat — Resetting Stones in Troy, MI
In the previous C's, we're able to determine the accuracy of the cut by calculation and the carat by weighing the diamond on the scale. In the next two steps, we use our conscience and expertise to serve you with honesty. Some grading companies fail to tell the right color and clarity grading! Our experts make the right decision to judge whether or not a stone is graded correctly and reject the falsely graded diamond.


We prefer high colors (colorless and near colorless) no lower than (J), unless you're seeking fancy colors.
Diamond Color — Resetting Stones in Troy, MI
We conducted our own test to show you the difference. In the following picture, you'll see two diamonds graded by two different grading companies. For example, (F) color, the smaller size diamond on the left side is truly graded as (F) color while the larger one on the right is closer to (I) color!
Diamond Texture — Resetting Stones in Troy, MI


The less presence of inclusions, the cleaner the diamond. A clarity grade is assigned based on the overall appearance of the stone under 10x magnification. For accuracy, it is preferred to have more than one experienced grader's opinion to grade a diamond.
Diamond Clarity — Resetting Stones in Troy, MI